How to do vape tricks

How to do vape tricks

Vaping has evolved into a culture with its subculture and trends. One trend which has gained immense popularity among vapers of all levels is vape tricks - an art form which adds an extra level of enjoyment to vaping sessions for novice and veteran users alike. How to do vape tricks we provide this comprehensive guide as a means of exploring these fascinating techniques step-by-step so you can master them yourself!

Understanding Vape Devices:

Before venturing into vape tricks, it's essential to gain a solid knowledge of all available vaping devices. Vape pens, box mods and pod systems vary significantly in terms of functionality and vapor production - the key to successful vape tricks lies in choosing one with adjustable airflow control and an ample battery capacity suited specifically for you and your preferences.

Beginning Basic Vape Tricks:

1. Ghost Inhale

Intake ample vapor into your mouth, pushing out only small bursts before quickly inhaling any residual vapor to achieve the ghost-like effect. Mastering the Ghost Inhale is the keystone to understanding the dynamics of manipulating vapor. Practice controlling its density and speed to create ghostly effects with ease.

2. The Dragon

Begin by inhaling deeply and collecting as much vapor in your lungs as possible. Exhale forcefully through both the nose and sides of the mouth simultaneously - this will create the impression of the dragon's breath! This trick emphasizes the importance of exhaling with precision. Experiment with different exhalation techniques in order to hone your dragon-like appearance.

Advanced Vape Tricks:

3. The French Inhale

To perform this trick, inhale vapor through your mouth but do not allow it to reach your lungs. Inhale through your nose while opening up your mouth gradually to exhalate excess vapor through its holes.

The French Inhale is an elegant and visually striking trick. Controlling the flow of vapor between your mouth and nose, this effect creates an engaging and mesmerizing effect that leaves an audience spellbound.

4. O's (Smoke Rings):

Take a deep inhale, holding the vapor in your throat for as long as possible before shaping your mouth into an "O" and using your throat muscles to gently push out any remaining vapor from within your throat cavity. Crafting perfect O's takes patience and precise muscle control. Explore different mouth shapes and exhalation speeds until you achieve consistent smoke rings with consistent thickness.

5. The Jellyfish:

Utilise a basic vapour trick such as Ghost Inhale or O's to create the appearance of a jellyfish using hand movements to push vapour in various directions to give an impression that the creature is swimming about freely.

The Jellyfish trick combines the fundamentals of other tricks with an added element of creativity. Experiment with hand movements and vapor density levels to shape an amazing jellyfish shape in midair.

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Tips to Help Perfect Your Vape Tricks:

Practice Regularly: As with any skill, how to do vape tricks requires regular practice. Set aside dedicated time each day for practice and experimentation with new moves.

Experiment With Vapor Density: To experiment with different vaping densities for optimal execution of tricks, adjust the airflow and power settings on your device to control its density. Different tricks require various levels of density for optimal execution.

Perfect Your Exhalation Techniques: Pay close attention to your breathing and exhalation patterns. Many vape tricks rely on precise exhale techniques; practice various approaches until you find what works for each trick.

Select an Appropriate E-Liquid: Choose an e-liquid with high vegetable glycerin content as these produce thicker and more visible vapor production. Experiment with different flavors to add an extra sensory element to your vaping skills.

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How to do vape tricks adds a fun and artistic element to your vaping experience, from basic Ghost, and Inhale moves up to complex Jellyfish ones. By following this step-by-step guide, you can embark on your journey toward becoming an expert vape trick performer! Gather up some e-liquid, adjust device settings accordingly and let creativity take its course as you learn how to perform vape tricks!

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