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Why Is My Vape Bubbling?

Vaping has rapidly become an appealing alternative to smoking cigarettes, offering users a customizable and safer experience. However, like all electronic devices vapes can experience issues occasionally such as bubbling. If this has occurred on your device, do not worry as we'll explore the causes and possible solutions here.

Understanding the Bubbling Phenomenon

Bubbling happens when air bubbles form within the coil or tank of e-liquid and interrupt the normal flow of vapor, resulting in an unbalanced vaping experience. While occasional bubbling may not signal any problems that require immediate attention persistent bubbling must be considered an early sign that there is something that is not right with the vape experience, which needs immediate attention to fix.

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Vape Bubbling Is Common

  1. Improper Priming: Improper priming can result in bubbling when installing or refilling a coil or tank with new liquid, creating air pockets which lead to bubbling and create an imbalanced vaping experience. If not adequately saturated before use, air pockets could arise causing bubbling issues.
  1. Overfilling of Tank: Exceeding its recommended capacity when filling your tank can result in flooding, where excess e-liquid seeps into its coil and causes bubbles that interfere with vape production and create vapor production issues.
  1. Incorrect Coil Installation: Improper coil installation can result in leakage or air pockets which result in bubbling of your water source, creating leakage issues as well as potentially bubbly symptoms.
  1. Low E-Liquid Level: Vaping with too little e-liquid can result in dry hits wherein your coil doesn't get saturated properly with vape juice, leading to uneven vaping that causes bubbling and dry hits.
  1. Temperature Changes: Sudden temperature shifts such as vaping in cold weather or leaving your device in an extremely warm car can cause the e-liquid to expand or contract unexpectedly and lead to bubbling issues.
  1. Faulty Seals or O-rings: Damaged or worn-out seals in your tank could result in leakage and air pockets forming within it, leading to bubbling issues.

Solutions to Vape Bubbling

  1. Proper Priming: Before use, properly prime your coil by thoroughly saturating its wicking material with e-liquid and waiting a few moments post priming to ensure complete saturation of all its fibers with liquid. Allow at least 10 minutes after priming for complete saturation to take place before continuing use of your device.
  2. Avoid Overfilling: Follow manufacturer recommendations when filling up the tank to prevent flooding or bubbling issues.
  3. Check Installation: For proper coil operation and to avoid air pockets or leakages, ensure it has been installed securely to avoid air pockets or any possible leakages or air gaps in its installation process.
  4. Maintain the E-Liquid Level: To ensure optimal coil saturation, be sure the level of your tank is not below its minimum fill line, by keeping E-liquid levels above the minimum.
  5. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: To ensure that your e-liquid is protected from either expansion or contraction keep devices in a cool, dry place that is not subject to extreme temperature fluctuation.
  6. Perform regular inspections of seals and O-rings: To ensure tank health, you should regularly check seals and O-rings within your tank to detect indications of wear or damage and replace them as needed to stop bubbling and leakage issues.

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While bubbling in your vape can be frustrating, it's usually just an isolated incident that needs minor adjustments and can often be quickly rectified with just a few tweaks. By understanding its source and applying effective remedies, you should enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience. If bubbling persists despite initial troubleshooting efforts, professional vape technicians should be brought in to diagnose and address any underlying problems with the device; proper maintenance care ensures optimal vaping performance and longevity of device use.

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