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How to Fix a Burnt Vape

A common complaint among vapers is a burnt taste when using their device - something which can derail vaping experiences and leave users frustrated - but do not despair; there are steps available that will enable you to fix a burnt vape device so you can get back to enjoying e-juice flavors once more!

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Identify the Cause:

How to fix a burnt vape before diving in and finding solutions, it is vitally important to identify what causes a burnt taste in your vape. A variety of factors could play a part in this issue such as;

  1. Dry Wick: When your coil's wick becomes dry, it may burn the e-liquid instead of vaporizing it, giving off an unpleasant burnt flavor.
  2. Overheating: An increase in temperature may cause excess burning to take place resulting in harsh flavors being generated by vape liquid e-juice evaporation and burning off its flavors before vaping begins.
  3. Coil Gunk: Coil gunk refers to residue build-up on your coil that interferes with its ability to vaporize e-liquid properly, impeding proper vaping experience and leading to burnt flavors in your vape experience. 
  4. Low E-Liquid Levels: Running your vaporizer with low liquid levels can quickly dry out its wick, leading to burnt flavors from fast drying times in its wicks resulting in unpleasant taste experiences for users.
  5. Wrong Wattage or Voltage Levels for Coil Resistance: Vaping at too-high wattage or voltage levels can result in overheating, leading to burnt flavors.

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Now that we know of possible causes for burnt vape cartridges, how to fix a burnt vape let's focus on fixing one:

1. Prime Your Coil:

Before using or replacing any coil, it's crucial that it is primed appropriately. To achieve this, place several drops of e-liquid directly on to the coil and allow it to soak before vaping - this ensures adequate saturation of wick and reduces risk of burnt taste.

2. Check E-Liquid Levels:

Before using your vape device, always ensure it has enough e-liquid in it to prevent its wick from drying out too fast, leading to burnt tastes or dry hits. Keep an eye on this level and refill as necessary if any dry hits arises.

3. Adjust Wattage or Voltage Settings on Device: 

If you're experiencing burnt taste from vaping, adjust either the wattage or voltage settings on your device accordingly. Lowering power output may help prevent your coil from overheating and burning e-liquid; for guidance and suggestions from experienced vapers on optimal settings based on coil resistance see your device user manual or talk with experienced vapers about vaping settings based on coils resistances.

4. Clean Your Coil:

A dirty coil can significantly decrease its flavor and performance. Regularly cleaning it can remove residue and restore optimal performance - simply by gently rinsing under warm water or submersing in a mixture of vinegar and water for several hours until clean; allow time for drying completely afterwards!

5. Replace Your Coil: 

If none of the steps outlined above have helped resolve a burnt flavor, it may be time to replace your coil. Over time, coils become worn-down and lose effectiveness leading to poor flavor quality; referring to your device manual is recommended on how best to replace this component of flavor production.


How to fix a burnt vape though experiencing burnt vaping tastes can be disconcerting, they're easily fixable by following our troubleshooting steps outlined above. Follow them and experience smooth, flavorful nu vape again - remembering to maintain your device regularly (such as cleaning coils and priming new ones ) will prevent future issues with future vaping experiences! Happy vaping!

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